I have always viewed painting as a close and comforting friend most of my life but am more and more becoming aware of the struggle one finds oneself in in trying to get the message across in an engaging piece of work.

In the past, I was mainly involved in decorative art as a living in the way of trompe l’oeil murals, paint effects and simply painting to specified subject matter and colour choices.

Since I started off my tertiary education in the field of psychology, art therapy has always been of huge interest to me in its application and its profound experiential outcome. Having foraged a bit in that direction too, I was deeply moved by the subtle and beneficial effects of using art as a medium in psychotherapy.

So all of these influences I guess come to play in the process and eventual totality of the artwork. I have found in recent years an inspiring teacher in Greg Kerr who guides students to develop their own complex way of deriving idiosyncratic subject matter.  The processing techniques take one on a journey through many layers of paint and glazes building up images and then surprisingly taking them away and revealing them again in a different guise through the patina to bring eventual fruition to a hard won painting.

Lately I enjoy life drawing with a great group of people in Plettenberg Bay where we embark on our individual ways of media and expression.

So where am I in all this? I think in the end, it’s a personal journey through life’s quagmire of information and experience. What could be better than switching off the phone and spending a few hours in my studio listening to inspiring music and painting?